Ways To Cut Down Your Monthly Bills

Want to save money? Here are some tips to cut down your bills every month. Not all of these tips may be ideal for everyone. Take a look and start with the ones that fit your lifestyle and savings goals.

Use Free Resources

wallet How much can you save? If you apply the tips in this guide, your total estimated annual savings could be $200-$400 per month or more! Nearly all of the tips on this page are designed to reduce these costs so you can achieve huge savings over time. When realistic, an estimate of annual savings is provided with each tip. Why pay $15 or more every few months to find the same simple scissors when you can do it at home for free? If you wear your hair short, create your spouse, roommate, or children to reduce it for you.

bills checking Borrow free books and movies from the regional library, and this is an excellent free resource. If you like the book and think you will want to consider it, then buy it. Our county library system has a great list of movies and other films (TV shows, cartoons, etc.), and we also rent many DVDs. No subscription to Netflix or other online streaming is required. Many libraries offer free online renewals. How many of your cable channels do you watch? Is it worth spending that much money each month? I stopped using cable nine decades ago, don’t miss out, and watch many TVs.

Stop Using Premium Channels

payment billIf you don’t think you can live with rope, then ditch the premium channels. Besides switching to digital signals, you might also get a better picture if you use an antenna instead of cable. I lived in a place where there are not strong digital broadcast signals and had to sign up for basic cable after switching to electronic broadcasting. With a little research, I found a very basic cable app for $10/month. Take a look at your phone, cable, and internet bills. First, see if there are things like call waiting that you might not want but pay extra for scratch. Then, please take a close look at how much you’re being charged each month and compare it to a service provider’s quote for new customers.

You can usually find this information easily online. Are you currently paying more than one new customer? When you call, be nice to the customer service representative, and it will be easier for you to lower your bill. Maximum savings around $5-$10 per month Most insurance companies charge a fee that you pay in monthly premiums for your annual premium. Be on the lookout for free events in your area that can extend your life and keep money in your pocket. The regional newspaper, daily television news, and local bulletin boards (church, supermarket, etc.) are great.


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