Some Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

You are now getting married! You have the perfect financé, and you want your wedding day to be just perfect. But for that to happen, the less than ideal truth is that you have to do a lot of planning and preparation. The sheer mass of advice, tips, and testimonies online for making sure getting hitched goes without a hitch can be staggering and overwhelming. In this post, we share some of the essential things you need to consider when planning your upcoming special day.

Most Suitable Venues

venueChoose a location that suits the type of wedding you and your partner love. For example, if you choose a venue with a rustic design, stick to neutral, earthy colors and add colorful accents with flowers. Ensure the number of guests matches precisely the seating or standing room in the venue – you don’t want people crowding into too-small space.


If you’re setting up a tent, keep in mind that it’s usually not a cheaper option. If you’re planning an outdoor service in conjunction with a tented reception, make sure the tent is large enough to keep the ceremony and pre-dinner drinks inside if it rains, and check to see if the flooring is included in the price.

Menu Trends

food stationConsider food trends when planning your wedding, even with the things you and your fiancé love. Some excellent options are food stations – appetizer and cheese are a perfect choice for canapés and look great when set up in a rustic style. Consider wooden planks, fresh flowers, and lots of color for a selection that will be appreciated and look great in your photos!


Why not try a dessert station instead of a veneer alternative? You can incorporate your cake along with mini versions of your favorite dessert to make people love it by including each of the dances.

Venue Duration Time

Find out when you will have access for setting up and pack down – will it be the day before or the day of, and do all your items need to be taken away the night of the wedding? If the venue’s use only covers a certain number of hours, find out how much it will cost to extend the party time and drink package. If you know your guests will need to continue the festivities and any restrictions set after a certain amount of time or bar closing times. It is an essential thought for those planning a low-cost wedding on a budget.


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