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Advantages of washing and waxing cars

man cleaning a car

No matter how careful you are with your car, the paintwork is always susceptible to some enemies including bird droppings, dead insects, road grime, and tar, tree sap and much more. Apparently, neglecting the paint job on your car won’t cause any mechanical damage, but it will lower the resale value. Besides that, there are other advantages of washing and waxing cars.

Benefits of washing and waxing carsvintage car

Protection against scratches

Every car owners contend with scratches, dings, dent, and other types of wear, and although washing and waxing won’t entirely prevent this scratches, it can do a much better job than regular paints and primers. A Typical wax coat will seal the paint creating a barrier between it and the outside world.

Better look

Let’s face it, a waxed car no matter how old will always look shiny, period. Washing and waxing bring about the shine of the car, more than any hand wash would.

The car will get dirtier but slower

An unwaxed car will run through the rain, and it will be easy to tell that it run through the rain as water and dirt tend to stick all over. If you happen to drive a waxed car with a non-waxed, you can easily tell the different since the waxed on will be noticeably cleaner. That means it will be easier to clean, in fact, it can be wiped with a piece of clothing.

Reduces costs or refinishing

The cost factor is particularly useful if you are leasing; your dealership will want to inspect your car at the end of the lease, and if there are noticeable damages, such as discoloration, scratches or any paint issues, you will have to dig down your pocket. Although regular washing and waxing may seem costly in the short term, it will be worth it in the long term.

Extends the life of your car

Car washing extends the life of your vehicle, nocar waxingt just the gloss of the paint job your car has; researchers suggests that car owners who drive cleaner and well-maintained vehicles, tends to drive their vehicles safer. Logically, if you take good care of the exterior of your vehicle, there are more likely chances that you will keep your car running well.…