Author: Hulda Bourque

What You Should Know About Glaucoma Care


The cases of eye diseases are on the rise in the society with many people suffering due to their ignorance. It is critical to understand that infections and illnesses affecting your eye are as dangerous as any other diseases that attack your body organs.

Therefore, as an individual, you should first know that the major step to protecting your eyesight is to know the Glaucoma disease before you consider looking for the best available treatment you can access. For more information on glaucoma care. Earlier detection is the greatest intervention you can have from the leading healthcare facility like LondonOC.

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The disease

eyeGlaucoma is a disease affecting the eye that can threaten your vision without you noticing or detecting up to the stage where your eyesight has undergone damage permanently. It results from excessive pressure subjected to your eye, which leads to the squeezing of the optical nerve.

However, some subsets of glaucoma exist, which do not necessarily require too much pressure on your eye to develop, a phenomenon that makes them hard to diagnose. Hereditary traits and some medical conditions can increase the chances of a person getting glaucoma; however, this disease can still strike anyone regardless of his/her medical conditions or genetics. For this reason, it is incumbent upon you to take the necessary early steps in going for regular checkups from a recognized Ophthalmology Centre.


The disease damages your optical nerve. If you do not subject your eye to early detection from known ophthalmologist, the destruction of the optical nerve can lead to eventual degradation of your eyesight. If you fail to treat the illness at the right time, it can cause permanent blindness. Nevertheless, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent it from causing any permanent destruction to your vision.


Since you cannot notice or detect glaucoma on your own, it is imperative that you engage the services of a qualified ophthalmologist to check your eyes on a regular basis. It is effective because it will enhance the chances of detecting the diseases early enough. Early diagnosis helps you to avoid detrimental effects to your vision, which includes total blindness. Advanced equipment is available to offer you an innovative diagnosis in addition to treatment.


Even though preventing a disease from occurring is better that curing it, glaucoma happens without the knowledge of the individual. The phenomenon makes it difficult to avoid because sometimes it results from other medical conditions or hereditary traits.

For this reason, just like all other diseases, you need to subject glaucoma to an efficient and reliable treatment at the right time. Healthcare institutions such as the LondonOC have improved glaucoma surgery and treatment equipment and experienced ophthalmologists to offer you the best treatment. Just make an appointment and you will receive detection and treatment services promptly.…